A Breathtaking Road Trip In Colorado

ALPINE LOOP, Colorado. If you want to ‘get away from it all,’ then going on a road trip to the Alpine Loop Back Country Byway will easily prove to match your idea of haven. Situated in Colorado’s southwest, this picturesque destination effortlessly enthralls its visitors with a breathtaking landscape of snow-capped mountains, serene lakes and meadows dotted with wild flowers.

With its laid back feel and unspoiled beauty, and featuring an elevation of more than twelve thousand feet, The Loop is a place that will surely make for a memorable family road trip or a sought-after outing with friends. Such a Colorado road trip will help you discover that The Loop is not lacking in activities to keep you – and everyone in the group – happily occupied. From hiking and biking, to several great camping options, or simply lounging away the hours sightseeing, a weekend trip here will open up the wonders of the great outdoors.

For starters, try navigating your trip map to check out some of the most popular attractions The Loop has to offer. If you want to get breathtaking views at an altitude of 12,800 feet, then the Engineer Pass should definitely be included in your family trip planning. It is bordered by Mt. Sneffels in the east, Uncompahgre Peak in the northeast, and the vanished Lake City in the east. Now, if you want to bask in a little solitude and detour from your companions, a trip alone to the Whitmore Falls will revive your senses. The falls can easily be reached after a short trail.

Another great Colorado road trip is the GUANELLA PASS. If you want a family road trip that combines your historical interest without boring your kids to death (let’s face it, very few children will find staring at old buildings amusing), then you might consider going on a road trip to Guanella Pass. This scenic pass, located in Colorado, stretches for 22 miles. The driving time takes roughly two hours, but with diverse things to catch your attention along the way. The trip map of Guanella Pass begins at Georgetown, an utterly quaint and charming place that reflects a great deal of Colorado’s genteel past. Plan a stopover there and take in the well-preserved old buildings, many of which have been converted to museums. While you’re looking at precious artifacts, let your kids explore the town via carriage rides, which is one of the most popular attractions of Georgetown – with good reason.

When you think you’ve had enough sightseeing, head on to Idaho Springs, which is situated nearby. There are several hot springs you can opt to soak in, and of course the tranquil view helps you relax even more. When everyone has replenished their energy, continue your road trip through the old gold mines, or a countryside dining experience the whole family can enjoy.

If at last you’re ready to call it a day, there are bed & breakfasts you can stay in along the South Platte River. And don’t forget to cap off your road trip checking out the famous Coney Island Hot Dog Stand in Bailey!

A Bhutan Vacation In The Himalayas

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked haven between India and China , and it is often described as the last place you will find traditional Himalayan Buddhist culture. It is virtually surrounded by the Himalayas, and for centuries has been a difficult place to visit.

Bhutan opened its doors to tourism on a limited scale over thirty years ago, so now it is possible to think in terms of a Bhutan vacation.

The Kingdom of Bhutan is known locally as The Land of The Thunder Dragon, and it is one of the most isolated and least well developed nations in the world.

It is difficult to comprehend a place like Bhutan which is a kingdom whose main issue is with happiness. Everybody seems happy, cultural values and traditions remain unchanged since Buddhism began to be the dominant religion in the 7th Century. In other words the world that we live in today has left Bhutan largely untouched.

You will fall in love with the beauty of Bhutan, the lack of pollution, be it 21st century rubbish, or the noise of pop music machines. The scenery and architecture will hold you spellbound, and you will find the people quite the most charming, and very hospitable.

A Bhutan vacation will normally begin by entering the country by air using the national carrier Druk Air. The airline flies into Paro from Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkata, and Kathmandu every week, and it is the only airline that flies in and out of Bhutan. If you fly from Kathmandu ensure you get a seat on the left hand side of the airline, because the views of the Himalayas are exceptional. Departure tax is included in the ticket price, and you must ensure you have a visa organised before you set out from home.

You can enter by road through Phuentsholing on the southern border with India, and you could have a fantastic trip from Kathmandu to Darjeeling then to Sikkim prior to entering Bhutan.

To get around in Bhutan you need to hire a motor vehicle or walk!! There are no railways, no helicoptors, and public transport is packed and uncomfortable.

The entire country of Bhutan is mountainous apart from a small sub tropical plain area in the south. The mountains rise to as high as 7000 metres, so the climate has enormous variation. The rainy season lasts from May to September, and visits to altitude are at their best in October and November.

Apart from the sheer beauty of the Himalayas there is much to see and enjoy on your Bhutan Vacation, and space precludes large descriptions, but you ought to visit.

Bumthang which is the spiritual epicentre of Bhutan and home to its most ancient and precious Buddhist sites.

Thimpu is the only world capital without traffic lights, has a real medieval feel to it. Dechenphu Lhakhang at over 8000 feet this imposing chapel is accessed by a stone staircase Taktshang Goemba is the most famous monastery in Bhutan on the side of a cliff 2925 feet above the Paro Trongsa Dzong is the most impressive fort monastery in Bhutan and can be seen from far away.

Air Travel: Why You Should Research Airlines and How to Do So

Do you need to book a flight soon? Whether you are looking to take a vacation, visit a sick loved one, move, or take a business trip, it is important to remember that you do have a number of different options. No matter where you are flying to or from, you have a number of different flight options, often all on the same day.

As previously stated, you have a number of options when looking to travel by airplane. In addition to having different flights departing at different times, you may also have different airlines to choose from. With a number of different airlines to choose from, you may be wondering what you should do. Of course, you will want to choose the shortest flights or those that have convenient departure and arrival times for you, but you will also want to examine the airline in question. Before booking a flight, you should do a little bit of research first, especially if you have multiple airlines to choose from.

When it comes to researching airlines, many travelers wonder exactly why they should do so. It is important to remember that your air travel experiences can have a significant impact on the overall success and enjoyment of your trip. This is particularly important if you have and will be traveling with children, as you may need more help and flexibility. Is the airline in question known for catering to and extending extra help to families or those with disabilities? They should be if you are looking for a pleasant time in the air.

As nice as it is to know that you should examine airlines and their reputations, you may be wondering how you can go about doing so. The good news is that you have a number of different options, starting with those that you know. Ask any friends or family members for advice. Which airline did they travel on? Did they have a good experience? Would they recommend the same airline to you? If you are traveling with children, be sure to ask other parents about their experiences.

The internet can also be used to learn more about an airline, their reputation, and how travelers are treated. When using the internet, you have a number of different approaches that you can take. There are many professional magazines and other consumers related companies that rate and review businesses, including airline companies. How did the airline that you want to fly on rate? What are the pros and cons of flying with them?

In keeping with using the internet to research airlines that you can fly with, you will want to look for ratings and reviews from people just like you, everyday travelers. This is relativity easy to do online. Many consumers talk on online message boards about their good and bad experiences with an airline. There are also many who file complaints with consumer reporting agencies and other similar online websites, which will make the information available for public viewing. This information can easily be found with a standard internet search. For example, you can search the phrases “Delta complaints,” “American Airlines, complaints,” and so forth.

Since it is relativity easy for you to examine airlines and their reputations, especially when using the internet, you will want to do so. After all, it is important to remember that choosing the right airline can have a significantly impact on your trip.

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A Belize Vacation Package Has Something For Everyone

A Belize Vacation has everything you could wish for if you are an outdoor enthusiast and you like a bit of adventure on your travels. Belize offers almost unlimited opportunities to do a wide range of things.

You might well choose a Belize Fishing Vacation, as Belize is a mecca for fisherman, because you aren’t just restricted to game fishing, although this is pretty good with all the lagoons and the ocean side of the reefs with all the big fish you could crave for.

When you add the many rivers that empty in to the Caribbean you will realise that you can add spinning and fly fishing to your repertoire on a Belize fishing vacation. Most guides and boatmen speak English.

If you hanker after a Belize Adventure vacation then there is caving, canoeing and kayaking, as well of course as hiking and walking. The best hikes in Belize include Cockscomb Basin Forest reserve in Southern Belize, Guanacastle National Park, Blue Hole National Park, Tikal National Park, and all need further investigation.

The best Belize adventure vacations might include things like chartering a boat and sail to isolated Islands, kayaking and camping around Glover’s reef Atoll. Why not try riding an inner tube through the Caves Branch River Cave System, which is real easy caving for beginners.

Similarly try canoeing, kayaking or inner tubing on the Macal or Mopan Rivers in Western Belize, and finally horseback riding in Western Belize through the Cayo District.

You can of course do all or some of these things on a Belize honeymoon, but the likliehood is you will be looking for a gorgeous Belize beach resort, the best Belize luxury resort you can find, perhaps a Belize all inclusive vacation.

You are almost spoilt for choice for your Belize Honeymoon vacation, and of course Belize isn’t restricted just to honeymooners, it is a family friendly place as well, and a vacation on a Belize Caye is unforgettable. There are several levels of accommodation from the luxury resort to the cheap Belize hotel, so it is important that you do your research before you book.

At the luxury end of the market in Belize.

If you are looking for a Jungle adventure you might consider the Maruba Resort Jungle Spa, or if it is caving, then the Jaguar Paw near Belmopan.

Ambergris Caye has Captain Morgan’s Retreat, Victoria House, and off Ambergris Caye is almost a private island called Cayo Esperanto, which is absolutely perfect for the Belize beach honeymoon.

Turtle Inn at Placencia is almost the ultimate Belize Beach honeymoon destination designed by Film Director Francis Coppola, El Pescador South at Punta Gorda a real luxury Belize resort.

For a cheap Belize Hotel it is worth investigating Ambergris Caye, where you will find the San pedro Holiday Hotel, Tides Beach resort, Ruby’s, to name a few.
At Punta Gorda there is the Coral House Inn, and at Placencia there is Tradewinds.

Belize has it all, the weather the best beaches, beautiful cayes, and an exciting interior to explore and have fun.
Belize needs a visit, why not start investigating it now!!

Adventure Travel – Close And Cheap

Adventure travel is becoming more popular all the time. It can be very expensive, though, and even a bit too dangerous for some of us. It doesn’t have to either, though. Here are a few ideas for small adventures you can afford. They are followed by a definition of adventure that will help you add your own to the list.

Try treasure hunting. Rent or buy a metal detector and spend a relaxing but interesting weekend finding coins, jewelry and who-knows-what in the sand at the beach. No beach nearby? Look up the historical records for your town, to see where old picnic grounds were. Treasure hunters regularly find old coins at places like these.

Take climbing lessons. Whether this is on Mount Ranier in Washington, or Mount Washington in New Hampshire, it’s sure to be an adventure. At least it will be more exciting than my trip up a local sledding hill with my ice-axe and crampons.

Travel form monastery to monastery. Make it a spiritual adventure or just relax. Most monasteries take in visitors, and usually have reasonably priced accommodations. The Buddhist ones in particular are most often in beautiful places.

Do a hot springs tour. This is for those who live in the west. Get a guide to hot springs or copy directions off the internet. Bring swimming suits (optional at some, for the more adventurous), towels and a cooler full of refreshments. Want more adventure? Seek out the ones that you have to hike into the wilderness to find.

The Cheapest Adventure Travel

Find and summit the highest peak in your state. This might be less-than-adventurous in some states, but it will at least be an excuse to get outside and get some good exercise. Be sure to bring your camera for the summit shot. You might try the highest point in the next state over for your next adventure trip.

Investigate and find the nearest hidden swimming holes. The best ones are ones that require a hike to get to. Watch for people heading down a trail with swimsuits and a cooler. Nobody hikes in swimsuit and drags a cooler into the woods, unless there is water involved.

Play Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Locate the nearest river that is large enough and has some public forest. Then build a raft from dead trees and float downstream for a day. We usually started by hiking upstream for an hour or more, so we could float back to the car.

A vagabond trip. Pack enough clothing and snacks for several days and just start driving, with no destination in mind. Who knows where you’ll end up, and what you’ll discover. Pack a tent or camp in your car to keep it really affordable.

That last one is a classic adventure trip in my book. Adventure is any activity you engage in that is new to you and doesn’t have a predictable outcome. It doesn’t need to be dangerous to be interesting and fun, and could even include a trip to the nearest large city for a weekend tour of the nightclubs. Of course, depending on the places you choose, this could be fairly dangerous adventure travel.

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My Trip To Traveler’s Health Care Utopia

Everything was going swimmingly: I got my passport, found a cheap flight, and got my two weeks off of work. I was ready for the ultimate vacation. On a tip from a friend of mine, I decided on a package tour of Meditopia, an island nation often called the jewel of the South Pacific. The brochure sent to me by Meditopia Adventure Travel displayed pristine white sand beaches, lush jungle waterfalls, charming locals, and, strangely, a photograph of their brand new hospital. ‘Our health care is free to all,’ the caption under the photo read. An avid scuba diver and lover of nature, this obscure nation seemed to provide it all.

I connected to Meditopia Air flight number 13 from Bangkok, and after sixteen hours of travel, I arrived into Healthiopolis Airport. Customs was a pretty standard procedure, although it was strange when the official seemed disappointed that I did not have any pre-existing medical conditions.

As it turned out, I arrived in the middle of monsoon season. Despite securing a very quick and efficient taxi to the hotel, I was soaking wet and shivering by the time I reached the front desk. I wasn’t going to let some rains dampen my spirit: I celebrated the first night of my vacation with a couple pork dumplings known to be a local delicacy. Before long I was dreaming of the swimming, hiking, and diving I would be doing.

The next morning, I awoke to an intense, pounding headache, a severe sore throat, sweats, and a case of diarrhea the likes of which I never had before. It was terrible, and I wasn’t sure if it was the rain that soaked me or the dumplings I had eaten the night before. There was a knock on my door.

“Meditopia Adventure Travel! I am your guide! Good morning!” a bubbly voice called.
“I am sorry, I’m very sick,” I sputtered, opening the door.
“Sir, you are not well!” a portly, amiable looking local said.
“Yes, perhaps I should sleep it off,” I tried to close the door, but the guide would not let me.
“We must take you to our brand new hospital, sir,”
“No, no, I don’t have any insurance,” I said, “at least none that would be accepted here.”
“Sir, you must understand that here, in Meditopia, we pride ourselves in our free health care. Even Yankee travelers such as yourself can get access to our state of the art facilities.”

I did not believe him, but before long I found myself in an ambulance, on the way to the hospital. Wrapped in blankets, upon entry to the hospital, I tried to fish out my HMO card, but the exceedingly friendly nurse waved it away. I waited no more than ten minutes before a two Doctors waved me into an examination room. In my feverish delirium, I continued to wave around my insurance card, knowing full well that my plan had no coverage for foreign hospitals. The doctors diagnosed my acute food poisoning, and set me up with a lavish hospital room, as well as a free prescription for the necessary antibiotics. Good lord, I tried to give the staff money every time they visited, but they refused.

I spent my entire vacation recovering in the hospital ward; it was amazing. There wasn’t even any paperwork for me to fill out. This land of Meditopia was the perfect place to get sick. Feeling refreshed, rested, and thankfully, in peak physical condition, I boarded the plane hoping to get sick here, again sometime.

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Getting Rowdy With The Girls

Are you thirsty for a special field trip with your gals? You have been missing spending time with your best girls since your jobs just eat most of your time. The best way to have fun with your best buds is to somehow get rowdy. With “rowdy” what is meant is a fun time, without having to neither worry nor think about what other people would think. Just clean good fun with the girls in the wild.

A perfect setting for this desired outing is Colorado. In Colorado there are Wilderness Ranches that makes you feel like adventurous cowgirls. You get to practice your riding skills as you gallop into the land’s trees. You get to experience an adventure travel that provides you with a real taste of how Westerners lived, with camaraderie with your friends at full speed.

Pimp your ride.

You actually get to beautify your horse into how you would want it to look like. You get to choose which saddle you want on your horse, and ride a horse that reflects your personality. You get to learn other farm jobs such as milking the cows, which is something fun for girls to do, and have some of it spurted on your friend’s face. Just make sure that you do not waste too much for you to have enough cows’ milk to drink for a more nutritional stay or  jacuzzi tub while in your Colorado adventure trip.

Down and dirty with the girls.

You can also get to prove to others that you, along with your girl buddies, can get down and dirty in the mud. In a Colorado adventure travel trip, you can actually practice your roping trip as you try to tie a pig’s extremities after having chased it all over the pen. Of course, a pen is probably one of the muddiest places everywhere, so this is where the phrase “down and dirty” steps in. Show that you and your ladies can get rough too.

Relaxing after a day’s worth of activities.

After all these tiring activities, of course, you also have time to unwind. There are personalized massages that you can avail of once back in your hotel. Have those tense and taut muscles relax once again with the expert hands of your professional masseuse. Just lie down and let those expert hands take your worn out muscles to where you want them to be. Also, there are spas wherein you can just lounge yourself and have a reminiscing chat with your girlfriends. There is no better place to bond with your girls than a spa.

There are also restaurants that serve delicious and scrumptious dinners of different themes. It is up to you to decide what kind of food nationality to take, whether it is Japanese or Italian, and there are even more you can choose from. It is best to gift and show your palate your appreciation with the best tastes after getting rowdy all day.

Another good way for bonding is to have a bonfire and sip some hot chocolate during your nostalgic moments. It is relaxing, and will probably lull you to sleep, when you take a delicious hot drink and talk the night away, while staring at your friends’ glistening faces. The fire will have that soothing effect on you, and will make you want to close your eyes and prepare yourself for another hectic day tomorrow.

Air Travel Rules: Traveling With Electronics

In this day in age, it seems as if all individuals have at least once piece of electronic equipment with them, often at all times. That electronic equipment may include a cell phone, a beeper, a laptop, or a personal data assistant, commonly known as a PDA. If you are one of the individuals that regularly travels around with one or more of these electronic items, there is a good chance that you will be taking them with you when you board an airplane. If so, there is a chance that you may be concerned with whether or not they are a violation of air travel rules.

When it comes to determining which electronics are prohibited aboard an airplane, you will find that almost all are allowed. Despite this allowance, it is still a good idea that you check with your airline or airport, in advance. Since most electronic items are expensive, you not want to get to the airport only to learn that you are prohibited from bringing all of your belongings with you, especially something as expensive as most electronic equipment.

As previously mentioned, many individuals keep a cell phone or pager with them at all times. All cell phones and pagers are permitted aboard airplanes. In addition to being permitted onboard, they are allowed to be stored in your carryon luggage. Your cell phone or pager, like most other electronic equipment, will be suspect to inspection, if need be.

Laptops and personal data assistants, commonly known as PDA’s, are also permitted aboard airplanes. You are also allowed to store them in your carryon luggage,tile cleaning machine if you choose to. If stored in your carryon luggage, your laptop or personal data assistant machine will need to be scanned along with the rest of your carryon luggage. This screening process is safe and should not hurt your equipment.

While the screening process is safe for most electronic equipment, it isn’t for all. There is a chance that your film, especially film that has yet to be developed, could be ruined by the x-ray machines. In the event that you are storing a camera in your carryon luggage, you will need to notify airport security. They have alternative ways of checking your camera or film equipment. Other recording devices, such as digital cameras or camcorders, are also permitted aboard an airplane, even in your carryon luggage. It is safe for these items to go through the x-ray screening process.

As previously mentioned, many of the above mentioned electronics can either be stored in your carryon luggage or your checked baggage. If you are able to store the items in your carryon luggage, you are advised to do so. It is no secret that checked baggage gets tossed around in a number of different fashions. With expensive electronic equipment, your equipment is less likely to suffer damage if you are the one in charge of caring for it. In addition to a reduction in damage, most airlines are restricting the use of baggage locks. This means that it may be unwise for you to store expensive equipment in your checked baggage, especially if you cannot lock it. Honestly, you never know who may have access to it.

By keeping the above mentioned information in mind, you should be able to pack correctly for your next trip, whether or not that trip is a business trip. Although most airlines do not have restrictions on the electronic equipment that you bring onboard, you will find that the use of these items is often restricted. A large number of airlines will only let you power up your camcorder, cell phone, pager, PDA, or laptop during specified times.

Health Issues Whilst On Safari

Hiking in hot or sunny weather often causes heat exhaustion. The signs/symptoms are weakness/fatigue, headache, vertigo, thirst nausea/vomiting, faintness, and high body temperature. The treatment is to lay flat in shade, remove clothing to cool the patient, soak the body with cold water, re-hydrate patient and monitor body temperature.

Heat stroke is more serious with the signs/symptoms being delirium, coma, rapid pulse, rapid breathing; skin hot and dry, body temperature above 40c [104 f]. Treat as for heat exhaustion but this condition can be fatal, so seek medical assistance quickly – evacuate if possible.

Wildlife: Try to avoid interaction; normally the wildlife will try to avoid you. Buffalo or elephant may attack if surprised or provoked. When hiking in forest or dense bush, clap often or call out if met by an aggressive animal and at all times follow the instructions of your armed guide. Never feed wild animals. Baboons and monkeys are highly dangerous and they can steel by force as they have learnt to get food from the tourists.

Weather in Tanzania has a rainy season, November through to May, with sometimes a dryer season January to March, dividing the season into short and long rains. It never rains all the time. The dry season is June to October, the coldest month being July with high altitudes reaching temperatures below freezing.

If you become lost, remain where you are. Your guide will look for you and find you quicker if are on the trail – this sometimes happens in fog or dense forest. A day pack should include instant body shelter, warm clothing and a water proof jacket, matches or lighter, a mirror or whistle for signaling, food and drink [especially water], basic first aid, torch and a compass.

Some areas have stinging nettles, so no shorts in these areas as stings cause temporary but painful irritations

Safari ants are small, shiny brown ants moving rapidly in columns across trails. They are common and carnivorous; they crawl up your trouser legs and start to chew. Tuck trousers into socks and watch where you step and especially where you stand still.

Acacia thorns, “cat claws” of the wait-a-bit thorn tree, rip skin and clothing. The thorn is long and straight and can pierce soft soled shoes and even car tyres, so take care and try not to wear sandals.

Ticks may be found long grass. To remove a tick, grasp the head and jerk out of skin.

Snakes will usually avoid humans the puff add being one exception. This snake is sluggish and slow to move. When moving around in the dark, use a torch to avoid a most unwelcome encounter with the puff adder.

Scorpions lurk in the dry country under rocks, behind bark and sometimes climb into boots, clothing or equipment left out at night. The sting from a scorpion can cause severe pain for several hours.

When on a walking safari, mountain climbing, or walking round the safari camp, it is advisable to be aware of the following guidelines on health and safety in the African Bush.

Altitude related illness: These illnesses can kill you and every year tourists die from altitude related illnesses. Higher altitudes are colder, even in Africa. There is less oxygen and to walk slowly is essential, especially for hikes or climbs above 1,500 to 3,000 meters above sea level. You should be breathing easily with no panting and no extreme physical exertion. Drink water regularly and eat a light diet with lots of carbohydrates. It is essential to keep warm.

Hypothermia or exposure: This is a life threatening condition with a lowering of body temperature and can occur with a temperature as high as 10 c [50 f] usually caused by cold wet clothing or simply being poorly clothed for the conditions. The signs/symptoms include clumsiness, stumbling, apathy, lethargy, confusion, disorientation, and eventually unconsciousness. Treatment for this is to immediately place the patient in a warm, dry environment – a sleeping bag is ideal, with one or even two people inside the sleeping bag with the patient. Warm, energy rich drinks help, as does rest, with a return to camp as quickly as possible.

Acute Mountain sickness: This affects many people above 2,050 meters [or 10,000 ft]. The signs/symptoms include headache, nausea fatigue, malaise, loss of appetite, restless or no sleep. The treatment is to slow down, remain in camp, drink water, and rest your body. It is important to adjust to altitude slowly. In case of severe headaches, loss of coordination, breathing difficulties, evacuate immediately for a quick decent to a lower altitude and seek medical attention. This condition kills tourists every year in Tanzania!

In conclusion: To protect yourself – dress correctly and drink plenty or bring your own blood pressure cuff. Climbing in mountains or highland, prepare for extremes. Watch yourself, for day time temperatures can reach 35 c with little shade yet it may well be freezing at night at higher altitudes so bring best arthritis gloves. Fine weather can turn into fog or rain quickly. Always carry a waterproof and dry clothing in a plastic bag to keep warm. Wool and synthetics are better than cotton or down – to keep cool, cotton is the better option. Protect yourself from the sun with a hat, sunglasses, skin protection and do drink plenty of water whilst eating a diet high in carbohydrates for energy. Avoid alcohol at high altitudes.


Romantic European Getaways For Wonderful Vacation Experience


Europe boasts of a mixture of cultural flair. There are many attractions and romantic destinations found in the different countries of the continent. It is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. There are many romantic European getaways that you can choose from and if you want to plan a vacation, you should start now.

The Venice canals are quite popular attractions as well as the Eiffel Tower. Travel deals are quite attractive as well. Some deals are best suited for the rich travelers but there are also affordable deals for individuals with limited travel budgets. Transatlantic flights are also available so that you can easily fly out of Canada and US. The Eurail offers various kinds of passes to suit the unique needs of travelers. Hotels are also widely available throughout Europe and one can find the best hotel that will work for the allotted budget.

Italy is a great destination for those vacationers who love architecture and history. Rome and Venice are top on the list. Another great place to visit is Paris, France. You can check out the Louvre Museum and Eiffel Tower. You can also join the Seine River Cruise to enjoy the beautiful sights of the countryside. Hotel packages and travel deals are available online especially those offered by travel agents and agencies.

In London, you can enjoy many activities, attractions, and romantic spots. There you can find Buckingham Palace which is really famous all over the world. River cruises are also available at River Thames.

So when should you visit Europe? Well, time is not a great consideration when traveling to Europe because activities for tourists are carefully planned all year round. You can go there any time of the year. But if you prefer warm and fair weather, you should go there between the months of April and September. This is also the best time if you plan to go to the northern countries like Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The continent is very busy from July to August because of the warmer weather during that period. There will be more crowds at that time of the year and the prices for the accommodations, activities, and attractions are also higher.

For a truly wonderful and romantic experience, you need to choose a European destination this year. If you haven’t been there yet, this is the best time to start planning for your romantic vacation. Perhaps your wedding anniversary is already near or your love one’s birthday; the vacation to Europe can serve as the best gift.

Consult the work schedule of your love one and determine the right time to have a vacation. It should also coincide with your schedule so that there will no conflicts. Thorough preparation is the key to a romantic, relaxing, and memorable vacation.

There are several countries to choose in Europe and surely you will be able to choose one vacation destination. As mentioned earlier – Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Norway, Finland, and Sweden are only a few of the romantic vacation getaways. Take advantage of the travel deals offered online and by some experienced travel agents. You must establish a budget so that you can limit your expenditures. Give your love one a memorable gift by going on a romantic place to stay in Europe. This is the best way to say ‘ I Love You’.

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Become A Travel Pro In One Easy Lesson


I focus a lot on helping the first time or inexperienced traveler head out prepared and confident in themselves. Starting out as a old traveler can be intimidating. How do you jump into the gigantic travel fray and survive? How can you learn to love delays and long lines?

What exactly does that mean? It means being confident in what you are doing, where you are going and how you are getting there. basically, it means being comfortable with yourself when you leave home.

OK, so what. How do you do that? Follow these speedy tips:

Tip #1
Know your location.
Do some kind of reading before you go. Know how long it is going to take to get there, and the time zone. understand how the cash converts and get a handle on local customs.

Tip #2
Be prepared before you leave home.
Make sure you have the essentials you will need,  for a safe trip. This includes a hide away funds belt, copies of your passport, two credit card, debit card, ATM card and traveler’s checks. Take no over $500 funds. Make sure somebody has your itinerary in case of an emergency.

Tip #4
Leave early.
Wherever you are headed, no matter what type of transportation, leave early for you departure terminal. It means less stress for you . . . a lot less stress for you.

Tip #3
Travel light.
Pack for only four days. over two bag. Your bag should be a soft sided, durable over bag of ballistic nylon. It needs to have a padded over strap to sling it over your shoulder.

Tip #6
Expect things to go wrong.
Most things run  well in the travel industry. there’s inevitable delays and cancellations. After all, it is a dynamic industry and getting the mind boggling number of pieces to work all in sync is a real juggling act. If you expect delays you are better prepared to deal with them. If things go well, and they usually do, you get a lovely mental lift as you travel. The more travel experience you get the better you get at knowing where delays usually occur and can either plan for them or try to avoid them.

Tip #5
Look like you have travelled all your life.
Appearance matters. If you do the above tips you will look and feel like a veteran traveler. Veteran travel pros DO get a higher level of treatment and service from people who work within the travel industry.

Tip #7
Be polite.
This follows Tip #5 and #6. While it is your hard earned funds that is paying for your travel you are two of thousands of travelers a day moving around the globe.  three-fourths of these people are inexperienced travelers. Many are stressed out, tired, cranky and rude. If you are polite you will feel better and get better treatment.